Wee Hummingbird

My father came to visit us in Tucson recently and one of the first observations he made was the absence of a hummingbird feeder on the back patio.  I’d stopped feeding the birds over the summer because the rate at which I had to clean the feeders and replenish the sugar concoction was significantly accelerated in the AZ heat and since I had four other mouths to feed, the hummers were no longer a priority.  Anyhow, as I watched my father stare wistfully out the back window and heard him mutter about how hungry the poor hummingbirds must be, I dutifully (and sort of resentfully), pulled out the feeder, mixed up the sugar water and hung it out back.  My father spent the rest of that week on the back patio watching as hummingbirds zipped to and fro drinking from the feeder and then guarding their sustenance from a tree in the distance.  It dawned on me that week I had missed seeing these wee beings in action so, even after my father’s departure, the hummingbirds continue to be fed.

This fiber piece is a combination of fulling, needlefelting, stitching (because I sort of went rogue with the sewing machine) and beading on a recycled wool canvas.0447E70D-1FD4-4485-B35D-D957708CB96A

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