Because I’m in Love with a Desert Tortoise: Maimonides

For me, a Tucson summer highlight is the sudden emergence of Maimonides, a desert tortoise, from his burrow. He is fostered by a friend and fellow animal lover who frequently posts pictures and videos of Maimonides’ daily adventures in her backyard. She showers him with mulberry leaves (his favorite food) and captures his joyful moments in the first monsoon rains of the season. I am mesmerized by his antics and feel his eyes tell us he is an old and philosophical soul with a plethora of wisdom to share.

This is my first rendition of a desert tortoise and I don’t think it will be my last. I loved replicating the patterns on his shell and skin and was thrilled to use colored pencils for the medium as it gave me respite from working with wool in triple temperatures.  Have a good one!

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